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Amateur Huntress Gets a Turkey Double Headshot [VIDEO]

A father and daughter turkey hunt ends in a turkey double headshot. 

This gal brings new meaning to killing two birds with one stone. Watch her dad call two long beards running into the decoys to set up the perfect turkey double headshot.

Stephen Diebler’s channel shows, in high definition, the birds crusing in to check out what’s happening. Enjoy the fact that the video actually has the gobbling, purring, and drumming, because it’s not always easy to capture on film.



There is no question that turkey fever is in the air and many hunters are counting down the days until season. These two birds definitely read the script. It’s not too often a hunt goes so perfect. The turkey double headshot put down the birds cold with minimal turkey flopping. Needless to say, this hunt will be a tough one to top for a long time.

As any turkey hunter knows, turkeys can be dirty birds and cause headaches all season. It’s not to often you see a turkey double headshot. I guess that’s why they call it hunting!

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Amateur Huntress Gets a Turkey Double Headshot [VIDEO]