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Double Down for Public Lands with the ORVIS Public Lands Challenge

Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

Give mother nature and public lands a Christmas gift by accepting the ORVIS Public Lands Challenge for this important conservation effort.

The legendary American outdoors company, ORVIS, has joined forces with the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP) to boost donations for the preservation of our public lands.

For every dollar you donate to the TRCP, ORVIS will match that donation, which goes a long way for maintaining our public lands access for fishing, hunting and other recreational uses.

Closeup of rainbow trout caught in river

Public Lands are increasingly under threat of being sold off for revenue building and to private interests. It has never been more important to be vigilant to protect this precious resource and the core mandate for the TRCP is to do just that. Their mission statement is crystal clear:

We guarantee all Americans quality places to hunt and fish by uniting and amplifying our partners' voices to strengthen federal policy and funding.

Put your resources to some good work and join the TRCP and ORVIS in keeping your public lands wild and accessible, it will be a Christmas gift for everyone this year.

For more information on this initiative, see this link.

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Double Down for Public Lands with the ORVIS Public Lands Challenge