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Double Archery Coyote Hunt POV [VIDEO]

Check out his video and watch a predator hunter score a double archery coyote kill at close range.

The action during predator hunting can, and often does, happen fast and almost without warning. When a coyote, or any other predator, commits to a call or decoy, they often charge right in to what they believe is a free meal. However, this hunter had other ideas while on an archery coyote hunt. Watch this clip from Solvid FIY and think about everything going through this hunter’s head.

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As his electronic caller blasts dying rabbit squeals, the first coyote runs within a few yards of the hunter. He stops it with a lip squeak and puts it down with one, well-placed shot. The second coyote is a little more cautious, but still stops short in the open, providing another quick shot.

A third coyote briefly presents a shot as well, but the hunter didn’t have a clear window and held his arrow. This video really goes to show you just how exciting predator hunting, especially for archery coyote, can really be.

Have you ever gone on an archery coyote hunt? How was the experience? Get the predator hunting discussion going in the comments section below.

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Double Archery Coyote Hunt POV [VIDEO]