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Don’t Worry, Kevlar-Armored Beer Shield Gear Will Protect What’s Important [VIDEO]

The beer koozie industry hasn’t really changed much, but the guys from Beer Shield Gear are trying their damnedest.

The staple of a smart outdoorsman is thorough and diligent preparation. You can’t catch a fish or shoot a deer after walking onto a dock or into the woods having never bothered to gather gear, information and experience that will lead you to success, and help avoid any sort of disaster.

You know, a disaster like a warm beer.

(Before we go any further, let it be known: drinking and shooting guns, or drinking and driving boats, is just stupid. Save it for afterwards.)

Luckily, like a ton of other companies trying to crack into an industry by filling an obvious void, we have Beer Shield Gear. This company is thinking a little differently. What exactly does Beer Shield Gear do? They help protect our drinks. How do they do that? I’ll let John Walley, company founder and all-around good dude, give you the rundown.

“We’ve been carrying koozies in our pockets for years,” Walley said. “We were kicking around ideas over a few drinks one night in November, 2013, and decided it might be a fun project to make an armored koozie. Beer Shield Gear was then born.”



What exactly does “armored” mean?

“Over the course of a year we toyed around with various designs, and earlier this month we launched the BSG ONE,” Walley told us. “It’s an adjustable, multilayered koozie containing two layers of Kevlar.”

Yeah, that’s right. They used Kevlar. Though it’s not meant to be a life-saving device, it’s still got two layers of the same material used in body armor because of its amazing tensile strength.

Did they shoot it to test it out? You bet they did.

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That’s…decent. Let’s watch another quick test fire.

Okay, so the idea is there, and a market certainly exists for this sort of thing. The construction is pretty brilliant, as you can see in the diagram.


Of course, we had to try it out ourselves, and were pleased to receive the camo-patterned BSG One straight from the Beer Shield Gear guys themselves, which we were able to give a rigorous and thorough beverage test during the holiday break.

There are virtually no gripes; the BSG One did its job like a koozie should, was adjustable to fit a variety of can and bottle sizes, and even though it’s bottomless, suffered none whatsoever from the dreaded slip-and-spill. The fabric on the interior is super slip-resistant, and any drinker would be thankful for that. The exterior is tough nylon, water-resistant and holds a little non-slip capabilities of its own.

Fresh out of the box, the BSG One has a bit of stiffness, which you can hardly blame considering the Kevlar. This caused the extending flap at the outer edge of the velcro strip to jut out, a minor issue we’d bet is solved after a few weeks of repeated use and journeys in and out of a back pocket.


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You might be sold already, but the story of Beer Shield Gear gets even better. Each koozie is hand-assembled in Texas, and slight variations are the norm. Each is one of a kind, for the most part, and made right here in America.

Walley and his colleagues James and Luke have put forth a strong effort with this venture, and if more retailers like Blackland Gun Works in Taylor, Texas follow suit, the Beer Shield Gear BSG One will be headed to more shelves, maybe even near you.

What they’re really doing is accentuated by their rallying cry, their motto, and naturally, their Twitter hashtag. They’re allowing us to #DrinkProtected.

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Don’t Worry, Kevlar-Armored Beer Shield Gear Will Protect What’s Important [VIDEO]