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Don’t Slip Up: Common Mistakes with a Box Call [VIDEO]

Mistakes with a Box Call

Don’t make these common mistakes with a box call.

David Halloran gives us tips on how to use a box call most effectively.

If you’re just getting started, start with this simple technique to be successful. Make sure you watch this video before you go turkey hunting!


David points out that letting the box call lay in the palm of your hand and letting the weight of the lid provide the consistency in the call. Picking up the lid will lead to inconsistency in the sound. A box call with a heavy lid is the perfect box to start with since no pressure from the operator is required to make it call.

David demonstrates how to make the box call cut yelp, gobble, and cluck just like a real turkey. He sure is talented!

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Don’t Slip Up: Common Mistakes with a Box Call [VIDEO]