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Don’t Sleep in Polar Bear Country, Even if You’re a Walrus [VIDEO]

polar bear attacks walrus

If there’s one critical lesson to be learned here, it’s not to be a deep sleeper when you’re in polar bear country.

This behemoth walrus apparently felt pretty safe and secure lying on the beach. So safe, in fact, that it doesn’t budge when its buddies go scrambling for the sea.

Why are they scrambling? Wouldn’t you if a hungry polar bear was drooling over you and calling you dinner?


Amazingly, though the polar bear was able to pull off a complete surprise attack, the walrus was able to get away. Even for a polar bear, the king of bears, it’s hard to sink your teeth into five inches of tough hide and blubber. Especially when it’s throwing its massive body around.

Adult male bears normally weigh 775 to 1,200 pounds. Meanwhile, adult male walruses can weigh 1,764 to 3,748 pounds!

Add to that impressive list the tusks, which can reach 31 to 39 inches. Notice how the polar bear in the video repeatedly tries to grab the walrus from behind the neck to avoid those deadly weapons. When faced with such an obstacle, it’s generally wise to prey on the easy targets. And this polar bear does just that when it spots a calf amongst the group, which proves to be a much easier meal.

Polar bears are generally considered to be the largest bear species, though it’s a toss-up between their close cousin, the brown bear. Still, it’s no easy task to take down a mature walrus even with the element of surprise on your side!

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Don’t Sleep in Polar Bear Country, Even if You’re a Walrus [VIDEO]