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Don’t Shed Your Winter Coat, Keep Your Beard Year-Round

Flickr/ Chris Camino

Here are the year-round benefits of having a beard.

Every fall, like clockwork, outdoorsmen everywhere set out to grow their own protection from the elements. By the time winter rolls around, beards can be seen in every sporting goods store and in the field. Then the weather starts to warm and beards begin to disappear, shaved away until winter’s chill threatens once again.

I understand that there are many reasons why a beard has to go, but today I’ll give you a few reasons to keep it growing year round.

1. Free Sunscreen

The brutal summer sun can be hard on your skin. A healthy beard protects you from harmful UV rays. Of course you should still use sunscreen on the rest of your exposed skin, but your cheeks chin and neck will be covered.

sunscreen beard
Flikr/Frankie Carr

2. Prevents Allergies

In the same way that nose hair protects you from allergens and other foreign particles in you nose, a beard and mustache will help filter allergens from your nose and mouth while you’re outdoors.

3. Less Discomfort

Shaving is rough on your face. Besides cutting yourself with the razor, you can get razor burn, ingrown hairs or aggravate other skin problems. Who needs that on a camping trip? Plus if you’re going to be out for a few days, your beard will have already passed the itchy stage.

no beard = sad
Flikr/R Speed

5. Stay Cool

As someone with a fairly large beard, I often get asked if it make me hot in the summer. After coolly replying, “It makes me ‘hot’ all year long,” I tell them that in my experience it is quite the opposite.

Not only does a beard keep the sun from directly hitting your skin but it seems to work kind of like the popular athletic or fishing style shirts to keep you dry and cool, especially when you catch a nice breeze.

6. Look Cool

Let’s be honest, beards are cool. A well-groomed beard commands respect and denotes wisdom. Would “The most interesting man in the world” be so interesting without his beard? Here are a few celebrity examples to prove my point.

interesting man
Acid Cow
Acid Cow
Acid Cow


When it comes down to it you have to ask yourself one question, “Will my winter beard carry me through the year?”

Take these final words of advice…if you never grow, you’ll never know.


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Don’t Shed Your Winter Coat, Keep Your Beard Year-Round