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Don’t Miss the Spillway Bowfishing Tunnel of Death [VIDEO]

Spillway Bowfishing

Spillway bowfishing might be considered shooting fish in a barrel, but you still have to load up and hit the target!

We’ve all found a spot, from time to time, where it seemed like we could have our way with our targeted game.

If you’ve ever stumbled upon a spillway full of carp, then you’ll know what this guy was thinking when he grabbed his bow.

The common carp was not found in North America before the mid-1800s. Once they were introduced, they spread far and wide. They soon became more of a nuisance than a preferred species.

Wherever legal, bowfishing for carp is a good way to “thin the herd,” but don’t forget to keep your license up to date.

The only herd I would like to thin is the stack of CDs this guy used in his video.

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Don’t Miss the Spillway Bowfishing Tunnel of Death [VIDEO]