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Don’t Mess with America: Eagle Pair Kidnaps Phantom Drone

The thing about drones is that wildlife really has no clue what those odd flying objects are.

In this video, two eagles kidnap Patrick Pircher’s Phantom 3 model drone. Because it was in their territory, obviously.

Drones help us understand wild animals in their natural environments, especially in the case of these whales. However, more and more footage is produced every day of animals that have just about had enough of that weird buzzing thing in the sky.

In this case, these two majestic eagles get their patriotism on and remove that flying object from the sky stat. The entire video is a really beautiful landscape shoot, even after it is hijacked by one of the eagles. The footage at the end of the eagle chilling in the grassy field is incredible.

How often do we get to see footage of animals without their awareness of our presence? If anything, these drone incidents give us that insider’s perspective.

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Don’t Mess with America: Eagle Pair Kidnaps Phantom Drone