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Don't Mess with Texas Women: They Have Guns, They Will Kill You [VIDEO]

What happens when you try to break into a Texas women's home?

You turn around and run if you know what's good for you. Otherwise, you will most likely end up six feet under.

April O'Neil was at home alone with her three-year-old son when she heard something at her back door. She looked up and she saw two masked men staring right at her through the backdoor glass.

"It was this look like, I could read it in his face that he wanted in here and if he got in here, he was going to hurt us," O'Neill said.

Lucky for April and her son, she was armed.

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The fact that these men realized April was home but continued to try to break down the door and get in is the scary part. We all hope that if a burglar realizes someone is home, they will immediately try to flee in fear of getting caught, but since these men had no concerns of that, it seems their intent may have been much more dangerous.

If April had not had a gun to protect herself and her family, this story may have had a tragic ending.

"We don't live in a 'Leave it to Beaver' world anymore, and a knife and pepper spray isn't going to take down a six-foot-four, six-foot-five guy," O'Neill said. "I'm sorry."

Smart woman.

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Don't Mess with Texas Women: They Have Guns, They Will Kill You [VIDEO]