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Don't Mess with Texas Squirrels. Seriously, Don't. [PICS]


This photo taken in Guadalupe Mountains National Park proves you should never mess with Texas squirrels. 

This photo is just one example of how vicious Texas squirrels can be.

Photographed by Ranger William in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, this picture is truly worth a thousand words.

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This photo clearly demonstrates Texas squirrels are stronger than you think. Starring in this picture is a rock squirrel, and as you can see it's diet consists of more than just nuts, fruit, and plants.

These species of Texas squirrels are known to gorge on lizards, bird egg, and yes, even snakes.

The location of this epic battle was out side Frijole Ranch in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

If your friends ever tell you not to mess with Texas, be sure to mention Texas squirrels pose an equal threat.

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Don't Mess with Texas Squirrels. Seriously, Don't. [PICS]