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This Is Why You Don’t Mess With Bull Elk During the Rut [VIDEO]

Trying to film a bull elk up close during the rut is a bad idea; the tourists in this video learned that the hard way.

The annual Autumn elk rut is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Yellowstone National Park.

Each year, thousands of tourists observe and photograph elk herds from their cars along the park’s roads.

But the rut can be a highly volatile time of year to observe elk, especially the bulls.

During the rut, bull elk become irritable, aggressive and fiercely protective of their females.

In this video, some elk watchers try to get too close to an aggressive bull elk in one of Yellowstone’s more pedestrian parks.

To defend his females, the bull elk lets out his mighty bugle and rams his huge rack into the tourists’ cars. Some of the yahoos in this video were lucky the didn’t get hurt.

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The bull elk bugle is one of the most incredible sounds in nature. It can be heard for miles in open territory, and Yellowstone National Park has plenty of that.

During the summer, the park’s wide swath of land plays host to 10,000-20,000 elk across 6-7 different herds.

Have you observed elk during the rut in Yellowstone National Park? Share your experience in the comments section. 

Featured image via YouTube/YellowstoneNPS

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This Is Why You Don’t Mess With Bull Elk During the Rut [VIDEO]