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3 Ways to Include Mom on Your Outdoor Adventures This Mother’s Day

Mom just wants to spend time with you, and that includes going on outdoor adventures. 

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What does your mom want for Mother’s Day? If she is anything like mine, that answer sounds like, “I don’t know, just spending time together is the only gift I need.” Kudos to those moms that exposed their families to hunting and fishing, and embrace the sports! You may be surprised to find out that even if your mom isn’t a hunter or fisher that she still wants to come with you!

For Mother’s Day 2016, why not ask if she wants to come fishing or hunting? If she agrees, take this opportunity to plan a trip make your mom the center of it! Here are three steps to get you started.

1. Be realistic about her abilities and desires and plan a trip accordingly. In other words, don’t over do it. A small dose of hunting or fishing is plenty.

horizontal image of an elderly senior woman with a walker fishing at the edge of the lake with trees and rocks lining the shoreline in the summer time

  • Get her some gear that matches her skill level and appropriate apparel to make her time outdoors more comfortable.
  • Stay safe and have fun, she wont care as much about catching fish or finding game as she does about spending time with YOU!

2. Use Fin & Field to search for nearby adventures and compare the trips.

Jgerin auf einer Treibjagd

  • Filter by your desired activity (hunting or fishing), or even by target species.
  • Search by geographic location as it’s best to stay close to home for the first outing.
  • Read about the operators in your search results and look at the specific adventures they offer.

3. When you find one that fits what you and your mom want to do, contact the operator and book a trip!

Family Group Sitting On Boat With Fishing Rod On Winter Beach

  • When a specific adventure jumps out at you, show it to your mom and if she is excited, too, then it is time to book a trip!
  • Involving your mom during the planning will make her feel like the trip is about her.

It is as simple as that! Three steps later, you are on your way to spending time with your mom and including her in your favorite activity. If you are planning this trip for your wife, make sure to include the kids as well.

We all love the outdoors and love adventures, but family comes first and including mom is a great way to get outdoors and be a good kid, too.


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3 Ways to Include Mom on Your Outdoor Adventures This Mother’s Day