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No, Don’t Go Toward the Light! The Deep Sea Anglerfish [VIDEO]


Female anglers will dangle that bioluminsecene lure in front of would be prey.

Yes, many deep sea fish follow it—into the jaws of death.

Picture yourself as a small fish, 3,000 feet below the surface. There’s no light, little in the way of a current, and it’s freezing. Oh, and let’s not forget about that thing called “pressure” too—about 2,000 psi of it.

But wait, wait just one second … There’s a light! And it’s dancing! You happily swim toward it. Something’s off, though. And then you realize your place on the food chain.

Deep Sea anglerfish belong to an interesting order of aquatic phantoms called Lophiiformes. This order of fish comprise of 16 sub-orders and countless yet-to-be classified species, most which carry that biological “glow stick” quirk. And the rest? Well, they have to make do with  less “flashy”, but equally flamboyant lures.

Did I mention that the males, once sexually mature, will parasitically fuse to females, living off her bodily fluids? Talk about “… Till death do us part.”

In the video below, provided by NatGeo, you get a first-hand look at these creepily charismatic creatures of the deep.

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No, Don’t Go Toward the Light! The Deep Sea Anglerfish [VIDEO]