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This is Why You Don't Fish in a Thunderstorm [VIDEO]

There are many stories about awesome fishing during rainstorms, but after seeing this video, you might think twice before staying out on the lake.

The fisherman in this insane video from a Barcelona lightning storm must be thanking his lucky stars after this one.

In this Tesla Weather video, a massive bolt of lightning strikes the water off the coast of Spain, coming within approx. 50 meters (150 feet) of a fisherman sitting on the shore.

The fisherman appears unharmed--no word on if he caught anything, either.

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Lightning killing anglers is actually not all that uncommon--be they weekend warriors or seasoned pros, and the Coast Guard highly recommends that if you hear thunder on the water, you head in.

Lightning tends to strike the tallest object in a given area, as well as the most conductive, so if you're sitting in a metal boat with a metal rod in your hand, floating above the surface of the water, we've got some bad news for you:

You're it.

So if you're out on the water and the weather turns, remember the guy in this video--next time we hear thunder on the water, we're not gonna test our luck.

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This is Why You Don't Fish in a Thunderstorm [VIDEO]