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Don’t Bring Pests Camping, Check Your Firewood

Next time you go camping, leave your firewood at home.

If you bring your own firewood on your next camping trip, you may end up introducing pests to areas where they don’t belong.

Buying firewood in the location you’ll be visiting will help reduce the introduction of foreign insects like emerald ash borers or gypsy moths.

The emerald ash borer can spread more than two miles in a year, and kill ash trees. Firewood transports these pests to areas where they would otherwise not be found. Gypsy moths, which also get transported in firewood, carry diseases like oak wilt.

Area where these pests already live are relatively confined, before wood transportation spreads their populations.

Do your part and help keep these pests at bay, by leaving your firewood at home for your next camping adventure.

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Don’t Bring Pests Camping, Check Your Firewood