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Don't Believe Alligators Live in Sewers? They Do in Florida!

alligators live in sewers

FACT: Alligators live in sewers. Believe it. 

Myths have existed for many years regarding stories of alligators living in sewers in New York, Chicago, and many other cities around the U.S. Very few of these stories have ever been confirmed, but rare instances have occurred where alligators showed up in places that didn't make any sense.

So, do alligators live in sewers anywhere else? Well, they do in Florida.

According to the story regarding this video, Louis Camacho is the man that captured this crazy footage. He was standing in front of his home when he felt something vibrating under his feet on the sidewalk. That's when he heard the hissing. He then looked into the storm drain and saw that big gator looking right back him! 

With little hesitation, Camacho grabbed his phone and started recording. What he captured is just unnerving. That hiss sounds like something straight out of a horror movie!

"I now have an alligator in my sewer," Camacho said in his video. "Just when you thought you've seen everything."

Considering the circumstance, Camacho handled the situation pretty well. Had that been our house and the wife discovered that gator instead of me, we would have already moved to Canada.

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Don't Believe Alligators Live in Sewers? They Do in Florida!