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Donnie Vincent Fly Fishes Big Salmon on Alaska’s Kenai River

Alaska’s Kenai River is fishing nirvana, unrivaled for its wild beauty and big salmon. Donnie Vincent tackles heavyweight silver salmon on tinsel flies.

The Kenai River in southcentral Alaska is known for monster salmon, including the 97-pound world record chinook salmon. It’s also one of the more uniquely beautiful rivers in the world with its brilliant turquoise color, caused by glacial melt and suspended silt.

Outdoorsman Donnie Vincent was there fishing the annual silver, or coho salmon run. His success can be verified by the substantial quantity of screaming reel drag in this film.

Vincent reported that the river was “insanely flooded” but that they “were still able to get some big coho salmon to smash big gnarly tinsel flys! A lot of fish for a 5 weight fly rod!”

A couple of grizzlies also showed up during the outing, to try their own luck fishing.

“So much fun, and they taste so good,” he says. As confirmation of sorts, the ending scene shows several bright orange salmon fillets laid out and ready to be prepared. Nirvana indeed.

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Donnie Vincent Fly Fishes Big Salmon on Alaska’s Kenai River