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Donnie Vincent Films Now Available to Stream Instantly

Acclaimed hunter and filmmaker Donnie Vincent has made his films available for download.   

In the last few years, very few voices have emerged as clear and artful in promoting the hunting lifestyle as that of Donnie Vincent. An explorer, biologist, conservationist and sportsman, Donnie's films  "The Rivers Divide" and "Terra Nova: 3 Days on the Island" are testaments to the purity of a hunt done right and for the right reasons.

Previously available only through DVD format, his films are now available to stream instantly with HD Video on Demand.

In The Rivers Divide, Donnie embarks on a multi year quest to the Badlands of North Dakota to hunt a whitetail buck, affectionately known as Steve. As a straight up hunting story it works perfectly, but the breathtaking shots of the Badlands and the beautiful score that accompanies it really sets this film apart from the multitude of other "big buck" hunting shows and videos. Donnie brings you along on this 2 year adventure, and through the captivating production of the film, shares with the viewer the close calls, struggles, self doubt that every bowhunter is familiar with.

The film has drawn a lot of attention from the outdoor community, including being chosen as the 2013 Full Draw Film Tour "Feature Film of 2013," was chosen as a selection to the South Dakota Film Festival, a selection at the Rivers Edge International Film Festival and received "Best in Festival" at the Maine Outdoor Film Festival.

In Terra Nova: 3 Days on the Island, Vincent and his crew return to highlight a much different hunt than in The Rivers Divide. Where Divide was a marathon of a hunt for a specific animal that spanned over 2 years, Terra Nova is a three-day sprint after Woodland Caribou that thrive on the island of Newfoundland.

As in Divide, the film beautifully highlights the landscape and the animal itself, making Donnie a participant in the story, rather than its sole star. Again, Vincent honors the inseparable connection linking man and animal, and the landscape to which both are rooted.

Prior to the direct download release, the films were only available by DVD from the Donnie Vincent website, or through a small amount of retailers, often with expensive shipping charges. By making these films available for direct download, Donnie Vincent and Sicmanta Films provide a much easier, quicker and cheaper way for you to experience the hunt with Donnie. Check them out here to join the adventure today.


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Donnie Vincent Films Now Available to Stream Instantly