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Donnie Vincent Encounters a “Giant” Pacific Octopus


This specimen of Giant Pacific Octopus may not yet be so “giant” but the shrimp are are mighty impressive.

Lunch on a B.C. fishing boat doesn’t get any fresher. Join outdoorsman Donnie Vincent during a mellow lunch break off the coast of British Columbia as he and crew catch some big and brilliantly colored shrimp.

Although this modest and brief video is just a short moment during one of Vincent’s hunting and fishing adventures, it exhibits the high level of quality and care that he and his film crew put into their productions. The scene is really nothing as dramatic or intense as, for example, his Newfoundland caribou hunt.

It’s just lunch on a boat. But it’s filmed intimately and informally, placing the viewer right there in the boat, cleaning shrimp, enjoying Vincent’s moment with the small octopus, feeling the rolling sea.

But just for the record, the small color-changing Giant Pacific Octopus that Vincent is getting acquainted with, does grow to impressive proportions. The largest recorded specimen weighed in at over 600 pounds and more than 30 feet across. The animals grow incredibly fast during their short lifespan of only around four years.

It’s easy to imagine Vincent or any of us wondering how big this little fellow might be four years from his encounter with the curious human this day.

I like this video. I like the feel of it, the music, the appreciative vibe it has for the natural world that Vincent and his friends are enjoying at the moment.

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Donnie Vincent Encounters a “Giant” Pacific Octopus