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Dominate the High Seas in the Xhibitionist Superyacht

Xhibitionist superyacht
Gray Design

If you have an extra $25 million to spare, buy the boat that would make Poseidon himself jealous; introducing the Xhibitionist superyacht.

If you ever wanted to feel like James Bond or Batman, and happen to be filthy rich, than the Xhibitionist superyacht is the perfect vehicle to suit your needs. The 246-foot-long vessel is capable of serving pretty much any need that a yacht could possible serve. It looks futuristic, sleek, and ultra-modern and for the kind of price it runs, it better do all that and more.

Check out some pictures of the jaw-dropping Xhibitionist superyacht.

Xhibitionist superyacht

Grab a slip at the marina next to your fellow Xhibitionist-owning buddies when you get tired of cruising the water and cruise away in your equally as impressive and expensive sports car. Hey, as long as we are dreaming, we may as well dream big, am I right?

You won’t even have to worry about valet parking since you can just park your car right in your superyacht. Just make sure your marina is sports car unloading friendly.

Xhibitionist superyacht
Pinterest/The Awesomer

There is even plenty of room to park your three helicopters when you aren’t flying them. Bonus points if you can find a pizza place that delivers via chopper.

Xhibitionist superyacht

The interior of this superyacht would make Tony Stark jealous. Don’t be surprised when he calls to hold his next technology conference in the hold of your new yacht. On second thought, he will probably just buy his own, but you’ll definitely get invited anyways.

Xhibitionist superyacht

After a long, hard day of being on your high-end, luxury, fully-equipped Xhibitionist, you can unwind in the evening on the relaxing rear deck.

According to the Xhibitionist website, “The Xhibitionist is an intelligently designed and finely tuned instrument that was made, quite simply, to turn heads.”

If that was the only goal in the design of this superyacht, then the designers certainly accomplished what they set out to do. I’m going to hold out for the version that transforms into a private jet before I spend my imaginary $25 million. What about you?

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Dominate the High Seas in the Xhibitionist Superyacht