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Dom Raso's Anti-Terrorism Message for Parents

message for parents

Dom Raso has a timely and important message for parents concerning their children, schools and terrorism. Listen up and get involved, for your kids' sake.

"Think like the enemy."

That's what Navy Seal Dom Raso says to parents. If you're a terrorist, you have no compunction against killing innocents, including children, to achieve your twisted goals.

Terrorists' stock in trade is creating chaos and mass murder. What better place to achieve that than at the schools that our children attend? It's a bitter thought, but it's the reality of modern radical Islamic terrorism.

Terrorists don't think like we do. They're not like us, they don't have the same values, and they don't care who they attack. We've got to get rid of the foolish notion that they can be reasoned with or that they have the same concerns as us.

Raso reinforces this reality with the 2004 Beslan, Russia, example: during that attack, Islamic Terrorists killed more than 385 people, including children, in a school. It's a horrifying thought that this might happen here in America, but you can bet terrorists are thinking of this very scenario right now.

We need to prepare and get active in order to provide our children with the best protection we can. Right now.

Parents must "Protest the dangerous lie of gun-free zones," says Raso. "Question your school's and your child's school's security standards and policies," he continues. "Demand that they make protecting your child their top priority. Keep calling until they fix anything that puts your child in danger. And hold those in charge accountable for it."

"There's so much that can be done on a local level just by taking action," declares Raso, "but our federal government has a huge impact. A national security policy that refuses to even say the words 'Radical Islamic Terror' projects a truly frightening level of weakness to the entire world. It's time we demand leadership that confronts threats head-on. Demand leadership that announces to our enemies, that if they kill an American child, we'll wipe them off the face of the earth."

"We value nothing more than our children, and it's time we start acting like it."

Go here to see Dom Raso's other videos on "Gun-Free Malls, Fear Mongering, and the Future of Terrorism" and "A Message for America, and America Better Pay Attention."

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Dom Raso's Anti-Terrorism Message for Parents