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Dom Raso Has a Message for America, and America Better Pay Attention

Dom Raso has some hard truth for America. ISIS-inspired terrorism on American soil is real, and we had better prepare for it.

Dom Raso tells the truth to America, and yet people like him are being blamed for the violence because they tell the truth. It's insane. Politicians and Hollywood types want to blame guns, scrub certain words from transcripts, hold sit-ins in Congress, and point their fingers at everything, but the real problem: a weakened America.

Raso boldly declares that it's long past time for America to do what's necessary: harden our defenses, get rid of foolish Gun Free Zones, and allow Americans their Second Amendment rights anywhere inside our border.

People like Raso get ignorantly blamed for exacerbating the problem when they tell the truth about terrorism. Much of America has its head in the sand. We need truth, we need honesty, and we need the ability to defend ourselves.

"This is what happens when the country's run by political and media hacks who never even thought of serving their country," he says.

He continues: "You know what inspires cowards? Easy targets. Sheep. People who worry more about offending the enemy than stopping them."

When confronted by a mass shooting terrorist, whether you are armed and ready to fight back, or you cower in the corner and beg for mercy, it doesn't matter to the terrorist, because he will want to kill you either way. But which choice you make - armed and fighting back, or unarmed and cowering - can make a world of difference in the outcome.

"Terrorists don't think like you," says Raso. "That's why they're terrorists."

"They will not stop wanting to kill you. And we can't change that fact. But we can change our mindset. We need leaders who will get rid of useless Gun Free Zone laws that give killers a clear advantage over the law abiding. Leaders who understand that the best asset we have to defend ourselves is the freedom of the American people. And the longer it takes us to realize it, the more innocent people will die."

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Dom Raso Has a Message for America, and America Better Pay Attention