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D’om Up Elevates the Camping Experience [PICS]

Building a Swiss Family Robinson treehouse of your own may be easier than you think.

A new suspension-style cabin called D’om Up allows adventurous campers and outdoor enthusiasts to create their own shelter in the trees.

Taking inspiration from treehouses and hammocks, the D’om Up is meant to provide a haven which makes use of nature but leaves no trace on the surrounding environment.


The D’om Up is built around a 172 square-foot octagonal platform which is suspended between two trees. The design also includes an enclosed canvas tent shelter and roofing made from durable tarpaulin. It will feature a terrace and an open interior space, so residents can choose to sleep under the stars or under the roof of a tent. The whole structure is supported with galvanized steel and includes a railing and a fall arrest net for added safety. To reach their their lofty lodging, campers can use a wood ladder, a suspension bridge, or specially-designed stairs.

Inventors Bruno de Grunne and Nicolas d’Ursel said they envisioned the D’om Up as a treehouse that utilizes the open spaces of the forest rather than the branches of a single tree. The system allows for more space and structural integrity than a traditional treehouse, and causes minimal damage to the trunks it’s suspended from. Once its set up, the basic structure can remain for decades, with the tent materials lasting for ten years.


However, the D’om Up can’t be pitched as quickly as your typical tent. The inventors says it takes about two days to be fully installed. Though with a price tag of over $28,000, the D’om Up is hardly meant for your typical camper.

Some may look at the D’om Up as an overpriced suspension tent for pampered campers who know more about burning cash than kindling. Others might see a beautiful invention that offers another shot at that treehouse from childhood.

But cost aside, few outdoor enthusiasts would turn down the chance to spend at least one night in this treetop hideaway.

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D’om Up Elevates the Camping Experience [PICS]