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Dolphin Succumbs to Death from Fishing Line

Florida Today

Animal rescuers discovered a dead dolphin with fishing line wrapped around its tail in Florida.

Animal rescuers made a grim discovery when they came across a dead dolphin with its tail wrapped up in fishing line near Cocoa Beach.

The researchers had been tracking the dolphin for over a week after a kayaker spotted the dolphin Sunday. They hoped to catch it to remove the line and help him recover.

They found the less than two-year-old dolphin dead in the Banana River near Bahama Boulevard Monday morning.

“He had probably been entangled for a week or more,” said Megan Stolen with the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute.

They recovered the body and found the tail entangled with braided fishing line that had been weighed down by barnacles as it dragged the river floor. The extremely strong fishing line is more dangerous than monofilament as it saws through animal’s skin like a knife.

This is the third dolphin death they have had since Sunday. One was found in Mosquito Lagoon at Canaveral National Seashore and another on the beach side of Cocoa Beach where a mother dolphin was pushing her dead baby along the surface.

Rescuers remind fisherman to properly discard or recycle their unused fishing gear to help prevent these unnecessary deaths from occurring.

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Dolphin Succumbs to Death from Fishing Line