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Dolphin ‘Thanks’ His Rescuers After Being Freed [VIDEO]

After being freed from fishing line, a dolphin returns to say “thanks.”

When a dolphin was spotted struggling off the Oceanside Municipal Pier in southern California, three lifeguards immediately came to the animal’s rescue where they found that the dolphin was caught in a braided nylon fishing line. Ryan Thompson, Greg Troppe and Emile Lagendijk were on the scene, calming the dolphin while he was untangled.

The dolphin, likely tired out from the struggle, appears docile while Thompson, at his head, strokes him soothingly. Just a few seconds of work and a small cut to the line and the dolphin is free.

You can see the lifeguards watch under the water after the dolphin is freed when they say he returned to thank the two of them, looking back and forth between them and nodding politely before he swims away.


The dolphin is untangled and all’s well that ends well. What a great memory for these two lifeguards to look back on.

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Dolphin ‘Thanks’ His Rescuers After Being Freed [VIDEO]