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Dolphin Asks For Help From Diver to Remove Fishing Hook [VIDEO]

A dolphin tangled with a hook and fishing line asks a diver for assistance and gets some kind help in return.

Dolphins are intelligent creatures that often have positive encounters with humans in the wild. So it's no surprise that the dolphin in this video sought some help from a diver when it couldn't help itself.

On the evening of Jan. 11, Keller Laros and his fellow divers were observing manta rays in the underwater Garden Eel Cove in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. As he passed his flashlight along the large gliding manta rays above him he noticed a bottlenose dolphin approach from out of the darkness.

Sensing something was wrong with the dolphin, Laros waved it to come closer. The dolphin showed Laros that it was tangled in fishing line and had a hook stuck in one of its fin. The dolphin was patient with Laros and stuck with him through several attempts to remove the hook and line.

Dolphins are very intelligent problem solvers, and sometimes they use those skills for, shall we say, recreational purposes. A recent dolphin documentary produced by the BBC shows that some dolphins chew on pufferfish to get high. Pufferfish contain a neurotoxin that can produce a narcotic effect when ingested in small doses. The dolphins know just how much to chew on the fish without the toxin becoming deadly. And what do they do when they get high? They lay upside down and stare at their reflections on the surface of the water. Guess dolphins aren't all that much different from humans after all.

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Dolphin Asks For Help From Diver to Remove Fishing Hook [VIDEO]