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Dolphin Jumps Into Family Boat, Breaks Woman’s Ankles

It’s a case of a family outing gone wrong when a dolphin jumps into a boat and breaks a woman’s ankles.

While taking the family boat out in celebration of their 18th wedding anniversary, the Frickmans enjoyed watching several dolphins swim up alongside their boat as they were heading back to Dana Port Harbor in Orange County, California.

However, the family’s fun trip took an unexpected turn when one of the dolphins jumped too far.

A 350-pound dolphin landed on top of Mrs. Chrissie Frickman, breaking one ankle and tearing a ligament in the other while also smacking their daughter, Courtney, in the process.

Dirk Frickman, the father and husband to the individuals in the boat, immediately ran over to his wife to help her get out from underneath the panicking dolphin. Once he realized it was impossible to get the dolphin off of the boat, he radioed the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Harbor Patrol and asked for them to meet him at the harbor.

Dirk continuously splashed water onto the dolphin to help keep it alive until harbor patrol could assist it back into the ocean. Once docked, Chrissie and Courtney were immediately rushed to a nearby hospital, while Dirk and several others safely placed the dolphin back in the water.

Though the photos show mass amounts of blood, the dolphin reportedly swam away with no signs of struggle.

Harbor patrol, Sergeant DJ Haldeman, confirmed the story with local news reporters and had claimed to have never seen anything like this before.

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Dolphin Jumps Into Family Boat, Breaks Woman’s Ankles