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Watch These South Carolina Dolphins Hunt Redfish by Pinwheeling [VIDEO]

This man captured some amazing footage of a dolphin herding up a massive school of redfish and devouring them.

Here’s an interesting one: a couple of dolphins at a dock in South Carolina were hungry for their favorite local delicacy, the redfish. But instead of just picking one or two off, this dolphin takes its time to push an entire school of redfish up into a one-foot deep oyster bed, before starting to pick them off one by one. This hunting tactic is called pinwheeling.

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Watch the speed in which this dolphin shoots parallel with the bank, using violent motions of its tail to push the redfish shallower and shallower, all while stirring up the bottom to cloak its impending attack.


More interesting is how the witty mammal then lets its calves get in on the action, teaching them how to pinwheel themselves. Sometimes nature can be a pretty amazing thing, and this is no exception.

Apparently these dolphins are local residents at this dock, but this is the first time people have witnessed them push a school of nice redfish up against a shoal to enjoy a leisurely buffet. It’s safe to say that with a teacher like this, the dolphin calves will never go hungry.

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Watch These South Carolina Dolphins Hunt Redfish by Pinwheeling [VIDEO]