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Dolphin Attacks Snook on Shoreline [VIDEO]


This dolphin absolutely annihilates a snook on a Florida shoreline.

You really never know what you might encounter on any given day in the wild land of Florida.

Two anglers on the west coast of the Sunshine State engage in a nice, leisurely afternoon of snook fishing on the shoreline. They notice a dolphin start to get fired up about the snook, and it doesn't take long to see this dolphin is playing for blood.


The hungry dolphin only needed three quick passes to coax the snook far enough away from the shoreline to deliver the final blow. Watching the dolphin's brazen behavior is nothing short of extraordinary.

Even with multiple people standing just a few feet from its prey, the dolphin almost beaches itself moving at light speed in pursuit of the poor snook. Snook are out of season for recreational harvest, but this dolphin would not be denied.

This encounter shows you never know what you may experience at any given moment in the great state of Florida.

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Dolphin Attacks Snook on Shoreline [VIDEO]