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Dogs Trained to Sniff Out Prized Truffles [VIDEO]


With demand sky rocketing for truffles, people have trained dogs to help sniff them out.

Truffles are a fungus that grow on the underground roots of trees. They are considered a delicacy that are used by chefs and home cooks the world over. In recent years, the market for them has skyrocketed to over $1,000 per pound.

They are very hard to seek out since they grow under the ground. In the past, pigs were trained to sniff out the truffles to eliminate time spent digging around hoping to hit the right spot. Now people are using dogs instead, and these truffle sniffing canines are now becoming high demand as well.

There are many types of truffles and the various types like to grow on different types of trees. The most popular are the whitish truffle, and the black truffle which grow on oak and hazelnut trees.

With droughts destroying more crops in the state of California people in the great state have begun to try to cultivate their land to grow these truffles alongside their trees. They are hoping to save their businesses with the sales and hard work of their dogs harvesting these fungi.

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Dogs Trained to Sniff Out Prized Truffles [VIDEO]