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Dogs Enjoy Polar Vortex Aftermath [VIDEO]

While this isn't exactly hunting related, we couldn't help but share this awesome video from Camp Fido Dog Daycare in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Since most of us are loving dog owners, we figured anyone could enjoy this adorable romp in the snow. Check out the video below.

Warning: May contain unprecedented levels of cuteness.

From the description:

Dog Wrangler Taylor captures Camp Fido Dog Daycare campers as they enjoy frolicking in the nearly two feet of snow left behind by the winter storm Hercules in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

While we were all hunkered down inside, the wild game we spend so much time with was experiencing what these dogs saw. It's incredible what animals must endure out in the wild.

Do you hunt with your dog? What's the worst conditions you and your four-legged best friend have been in? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured image via: Camp Fido

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Dogs Enjoy Polar Vortex Aftermath [VIDEO]