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Dog Survives 42 Days Alone in Yellowstone

Bring Jade Home Facebook page

An Australian shepherd named Jade was found safe and sound on Friday, 42 days after getting lost in Yellowstone National Park.

According to PEOPLE, David Sowers and his girlfriend Laura Gillice first lost track of their dog Jade on July 23 after getting into a car accident.

Sowers and Gillice were hospitalized, and Jade was initially left behind, trapped in a crushed cage. But when authorities returned to the scene and tried to release her, Jade bolted into the forest.

Even while recovering from their own injuries, Sowers and Gillice returned to Yellowstone repeatedly to conduct a search for their lost dog, putting up posters and asking visitors and park employees to be on the lookout.

One park ranger created a Facebook page called Bring Jade Home to bring attention to the search. Despite worrying that their dog had fallen victim to the harsh wilderness, Sowers and Gillice’s hopes were kept alive by people who called to report seeing the black-and-white Aussie wandering the park.

All the same, Sowers and Gillice admit they were close to giving up when Gillice returned to the park for what might have been her last search attempt. There, outside of a gas station, Jade suddenly appeared and bounded toward her owner. She was thin and hungry, but otherwise, happy and healthy.

With Jade back at her home, her owners say they’re still amazed at their dog’s ability to survive so long on her own.

“She’s one tough little girl,” Gilice said.

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Dog Survives 42 Days Alone in Yellowstone