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Dog Saves Owner from Charging Moose in Colorado [VIDEO]

Man’s best friend comes to the rescue once again.

Dog owner, Ginger Wolfe, gives her story of how her dog, Chelsea, was able to fend off an angry mother moose who they accidentally met while hiking.

Encounters with moose can be very dangerous throughout various times of the year and can be just as deadly as a meeting with any other North American animal.

Moose can reach up to seven feet high at the shoulder and weigh as much as ,1000 pounds, giving plenty of force and size behind any attack.

Dogs have had a long history of being loyal to compassionate humans and fending off attackers of all kinds. This is just another great example.

While no animal attacks a human without reason, like this encounter, it is part of nature and something that happens. The moose in this situation was simply protecting her calves from a potential threat.

Just another reason to bring along your four-legged companion on the next trip you take outdoors.

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Dog Saves Owner from Charging Moose in Colorado [VIDEO]