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Dog Saves Baby From Venomous Snake

This dog is a real life Lassie. He saves a baby from a copperhead and gets bitten in the process.

Dogs will almost always protect their owners. It’s what they do. However, you never really know what they will do if given the chance to save your life.

A border collie named Shiloh in Tennessee proved that dogs will do anything to save their owners. This video recounts how the dog saves baby from venomous snake.

The 18-month old baby was playing in the dirt when a copperhead snake came a little too close. However, the snake that tried to bite the baby instead bit the hero dog.

By pouncing and grabbing the snake, the family dog saves the baby from injury or even death. They rushed the dog to the veterinarian and all was fine. Understandably, the parents were very grateful that the family dog saved the life of their baby Bryson.

As they share in the video, it could have easily been much worse if the baby would have been closer to the copperhead. They likely would not have had enough time to get the baby medical attention.

Finally, this proves once again that dogs are man’s best friend.


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Dog Saves Baby From Venomous Snake