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Dog and Orphaned Fawn Are Best Friends in Small Michigan Town [VIDEO]

dog and fawn

This dog and fawn have become best friends and instant celebrities in a small Michigan town

This video is sure to put a smile on your face!

Meet Nala the dog, who has taken in a seemingly abandoned fawn in Covert, Michigan.

The unusual pair became friends almost a month ago when the fawn showed up and started following Nala around.

“They have a pretty strong relationship,” Nala’s owner Tania Villegas told WWMT 3 News. Villegas isn’t quite sure where the fawn’s mother is.

“She just likes to hang out in the backyard,” Villegas told reporters.

But the pair became instant Internet celebrities when Nala escaped her yard. Naturally, the fawn followed along. Police were actually called about a loose dog.

“The dog was actually licking on the deer and cleaning on the deer like it was her mother,” Officer Jason Gardner of the Covert Police Department told reporters.

“It made all the worries of the day go away,” he said.

Eventually the Michigan Department of Natural Resources plans to take the fawn to an animal sanctuary where it can be with other deer.

But for now, it makes for a great photo opportunity, and a way to brighten people’s day.

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Dog and Orphaned Fawn Are Best Friends in Small Michigan Town [VIDEO]