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A Dog, a Fox, and Their Ultimate Theme Song [VIDEO]


Two best friends, a dog and fox, playfully explore the woods to their own theme song.

Nature continues to amaze with the friendships it can produce between various animals. Whether it’s a gorilla raising a kitten, or a dog running around with a fox, these relationships stay strong and often last their entire lifetimes.

This video was made as a spin-off from a popular Norwegian children’s book called Sniffer and Tinni. Sniffer is the red fox and Tinni is the dog, and the book is based upon these two from the video.

Both born to be enemies to one another they have overcome unimaginable odds to become friends and seem to be loving every minute of their adventures.

Photographer Torgeir Berge is the owner of Sniffer and Tinni, as well as the author of their book. He helped create this American version of the video to help spread the word about his book to the United States. Almost all the profits made from his book sales go towards helping end the fox fur trade.

This may seem like the story we’re used too of Copper and Todd from Disney’s “The Fox and the Hound,” and it is still heartwarming to see. This just shows that if two animals who are meant to be mortal enemies for all time can become friends, there just might be hope for us as a human species to follow suit.

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A Dog, a Fox, and Their Ultimate Theme Song [VIDEO]