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How Would Your Four-Legged Friend Do in Dog Competitions? [VIDEO]

Your dog might be great at flushing birds or swimming down ducks, but what about a competition?

Gun dog competitions normally take place at private hunt clubs all over the United States and are frequented by dog lovers as well as avid hunters. Organizations such as the National Bird Dog Circuit host these events with several different levels of competition that all show the incredible relationship that exists between the dog and hunter.

So what happens at one of these events? Check out one of the videos from  showing some great highlights.

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If flushing birds under pressure isn't your idea of a fun dog competition, maybe one that can incorporate the world of duck hunting would be?

With that in mind, dock diving is gaining popularity in dog circles everywhere because of it's engaging environment and overall enjoyable experience when watching dogs do what they love.

In this video by Nick King, there is a great break down of exactly what dock diving is all about. Just imagine the fun your duck dog would have as it transitions into a dock dog during the off season.

So does your dog have what it takes to be a competitor? Let us know in the comments!

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How Would Your Four-Legged Friend Do in Dog Competitions? [VIDEO]