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Dog Drags Huge Catfish From Pond [VIDEO]

Every dog has his day. This one’s, apparently, came at the lake.

In this short and sweet video, a Golden Retriever does what his breed his named for: he retrieves a massive catfish out of a shallow pond.

First our daughters now our dogs? Guys, we really got step up our game as anglers here.

His owner’s reactions of surprise and delight are pretty much what you’d expect. I mean, if we’re honest, it’s been a while since we pulled anything that big out of the water.

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Judging from the foliage and the accent of the cameraman, we can assume this video comes from the American South, where catfish can grow as large as 136 pounds (that’s the American Blue record).

While this fish isn’t nearly that big, it’s still pretty impressive for a catch by man’s best friend.

We know this dog’s gonna eat well tonight.

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Dog Drags Huge Catfish From Pond [VIDEO]