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Dog Alerts Owner to Highly Venomous Brown Snake on Porch

brown snake

Check out the heroic actions of one brave dog who notices a dangerous brown snake on a porch and quickly alerts his unaware owner.

There are countless stories of dogs who exhibited heroic behavior to help a human. They didn't earn the title of man's best friend without good cause.

The impressive olfactory abilities of dogs is one of the reasons they earned that title and the dog in this video shows why by sniffing out a dangerous brown snake approaching his owner.

The brown snake is a highly venomous snake native to Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. It is known as the second most venomous land dwelling snake in the world. Needless to say, getting bitten by a brown snake is something that everyone wants to avoid.

The brave dog in the video appears to keep the snake from entering the nearby house before barking to alert his owner of the unwanted house guest. Once the owner looks up from his phone and sees the snake he leaps into action and pulls the dog away from the dangerous reptile.

At some point or another, most people have gotten so caught up with something on their phone that they don't notice what is going on around them. If it wasn't for the brown snake locating dog in the video, this story could have ended in a much worse way.

We hope that dog got a special treat for dinner that night for his brave deed!


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Dog Alerts Owner to Highly Venomous Brown Snake on Porch