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This Doe Definitely Knows It’s Not Hunting Season [VIDEO]

A brave deer goes behind enemy lines and eats corn in deer blind. It must know it isn’t hunting season yet. 

Sometimes hunters joke how deer know when it’s deer season or not. This video backs up that theory that they test their limits until deer season comes around.

Watch a doe walk blindly where it should be more cautious.

A hunting blind just might be the best place to hide for a deer. Hunters would surely never expect a deer to sneak into a hunting blind.

This doe looks like she is ready to have some fawns and is eating a little extra for the little ones in her belly. Fawns are starting to be born which means deer season gets closer every day.

Hopefully the deer won’t turn into strangers this fall.

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This Doe Definitely Knows It’s Not Hunting Season [VIDEO]