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Wisconsin Doe Attacks Hunter Who Shot Her With an Arrow

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A Wisconsin doe recently got her revenge on a hunter who wounded her with an arrow.

It could have been straight out of an episode of “When Animals Attack.” A 72-year-old man was attacked Jan. 2 by the very deer he had just injured with an arrow.

The man was bow hunting in Wisconsin’s Fond du Lac County when he shot and wounded a doe with an arrow. According to the Fond du Lac Reporter, he returned to the site later in the day, hoping to track the deer.

The doe, however, had other ideas. She sought her revenge on the hunter and leaped out of some thick brush, head-butting the man’s leg.

The elderly hunter was transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital. Needless to say, the deer got away.

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When people think of deer attacking, they generally associate the aggressive behavior with bucks. This story flipped that notion on its head.

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Wisconsin Doe Attacks Hunter Who Shot Her With an Arrow