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Dock Fishing for Huge Striped Bass [VIDEO]

These guys catch two trophy class striped bass from a dock in the middle of the day.

These guys say they're using live bait. They can be heard talking about a two-pound bass they used to catch the first fish. However, the video doesn't show them baiting a hook for either fish, but they sure aren't trolling in a boat.

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How many times have you caught a striped bass from a dock? Imagine if you caught multiple giants one after the other.

These guys did.


Someone commented below the video on YouTube that these fish were caught on Clarks Hill Lake in Georgia fairly recently. And it certainly looks like they're fishing at a lake. The guy fighting the fish on the video talks about striper fishermen being near them earlier that day without hooking up.

They must have been using the wrong bait.

I know bass anglers don't want to hear about anyone using largemouth as bait to catch stripers, but I'm sure these fish were eating their fill regardless.

The first striped bass they put on the dock teetered at forty pounds on a digital scale, and the second was just below thirty. Those are seriously impressive fish to catch on a lake, much less from a dock chucking a two-pound bait.


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Dock Fishing for Huge Striped Bass [VIDEO]