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Doc Holliday Replica: Play for Blood, You Daisy

Say when! Quick draw is one of the most hair-raising, adrenaline-pumping styles of fighting in the history books.

Often times we wonder what it was like to be in the shoes of the old popular cowboys. Not all cowboys were ranch hands and not all cowboys were gun toting gun slingers. Doc Holliday was one of the most popular pistol shooters around. His ability to nail targets from the hip was legendary.

I recently purchased a Ruger Blackhawk mainly because it was American made. The Doc Holliday Special is Italian made. While craftsmanship is likely still solid and reliable, there are some features like loading on an empty cylinder that have gone to the way side in American reproductions due to safety. The Doc Holliday pistol must have the hammer down on an empty cylinder for safe holstering and carry. Safety is critical as you cant shoot if your in the hospital wounded.

The other big feature about this pistol is that it shoots the 38 special cartridge. The 38 special is a very soft recoil cartridge that can be easily managed by all levels of shooters. The 38 is more affordable than the big brother 357Magnum and can be found in potent loads as well. It has yet to be seen if this Doc Holliday special will handle the hotter loads but maybe the guys at will be able to follow up and show us how much abuse this pistol can definitely handle.

Reliving the old west is a trend that is definitely growing. Post OIF and OEF wars are showing that millions of gun owners have had their fill in the tactical firearms space. Noticing the surge in the purchase of revolvers and lever action pistols is indicative that people are growing more and more interested in the larger pistol cartridges. Keep training and stay safe.


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Doc Holliday Replica: Play for Blood, You Daisy