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Do You Wear a Survival Strap? [PICS]

Survival Straps are wearable low-frequency emitting wristbands that claim to increase everyday performance. We tried one out. 

There has been a recent surge in products that release a low-frequency emission that help your physical being as well as your mental state. One such product is the Active Edge Survival Strap.

Low-wave frequencies have been clinically proven to enhance physical aspects of the human body, but in the past one would have to be hooked up to a machine to feel the effects. Survival Straps is a novel, cutting-edge product that actually embeds low-wave frequencies into the wristband, ensuring you are receiving low-wave frequency waves 24 hours a day.


The Survival Strap claims to enhance flexibility, strength, balance, sleep patterns, breathing and endurance. Clinical trials from Active Edge technology have been conducted proving that these wristbands do, in fact, work.

Not only would these wristbands potentially aid a sportsman daily in the field or backcountry, they could also help in emergency survival situations since they are woven with paracord. Survival Straps are an American-made product and have become a fashion symbol of “strength, honor, and the belief in American production.”

Although we here at Wide Open Spaces didn’t necessarily feel the physical or mental changes from wearing the Survival Strap, we did feel safer in the outdoors knowing we were carrying survival material. And who knows, we may be all the stronger and are sleeping better without us consciously being aware.

Low-wave frequencies can have subtle differences that are difficult to track but at least make us feel like we are taking care of our physical selves. The only qualm we had about the strap was the heavy clasp that we believe might get snagged if we were crawling or running through brush.

If you would like to purchase a Survival Strap for $29.99 visit their website. There are many custom paracord designs and colors that you can choose from, including a Mossy Oak Survival Strap!

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Do You Wear a Survival Strap? [PICS]