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Do You Know the Sound These Animals Make? [VIDEO]

You can most likely identify all these animals by looking at them but can you identify them by only hearing them? 

Some animals in the woods make sounds that you may not be able to identify.

See if you know what sounds these animals make.

1. Red Stag

This European deer sounds like a cow, no joke. If you heard these guys from afar, you might think you are close to a milk farm.


2. Fox

I’ve been in the woods and a fox’s scream, especially a vixen’s, is terrifying.

3. Badger

I bet if you heard this in the woods, the last thing to come to mind is a badger. We can thank horror movies for that.

4. Elk

I think we all know what an elk bugle sounds like, but here is a refresher.

5. Coyote

Scary and loud.

6. Owl

You think you know but…

7. Alligator

Sounds like an angry tub draining. Or a freaking tyrannosaurus rex.

8. Mouse

Sometimes they howl instead of squeak. It’s a little tea kettle in the woods!

9. Wolverine 

These things sound like cartoons…mean cartoons.

10. Lyrebird

This is a mimicking bird and it sounds like he was listening to some gun sounds. What if you came across this in the woods? Duck and cover.

Now when you’re out alone in the woods and hear one of these sounds you can be assured it might be a harmless lyrebird. If it is a wolverine or a coyote I’d go the other way.


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Do You Know the Sound These Animals Make? [VIDEO]