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Do You Have What It Takes to Escape the Woods?

Escape the Woods

Put your skills to the test at Escape the Woods with survival expert Creek Stewart. 

Have you been looking for a fun way to learn survival techniques or put your current skills to the test? Look no further than the Escape the Woods survival competition.

Escape the Woods is a unique three day wilderness survival training and competition extravaganza created by Todd Albertson. During the competition you will be taught the basics of survival before going head to head against other teams in a unique set of challenges for prizes.

“It’s really unique in the survival training scene,” said survival expert Creek Stewart, the host of Fat Guys in the Woods and head trainer at the event. “I’ve been doing survival training for 20 years and have never seen anything like this.”


The training is designed to teach the core skills of survival: shelter, water, fire, and food. Groups are divided up to learn the proper techniques to accomplish each at four different pods.

“Myself and the other trainers I have approved will teach a certain number of skills in each core area,” explained Creek. “Then you will have to use what you have learned in a skills course to compete against the others for prizes.”

The final pod challenges during the main competition aren’t your mundane set of challenges either. They not only combine what you have learned together, but make you think outside of the box to complete them.

“One water challenge consisted of everyone receiving one chunk of 2 x 4, a bottle of water, and a small pot,” recounted Creek of the last event. “They had to take the 2 x 4 and make a little fire. The  first ones to get the water boiling won the water pod.”


The main pod challenges aren’t your only way of winning cool prizes. Other mini competitions will take place as well such as bow drill fire starting, PVC bow competition, and a target shootout with a slingshot.

“There are thousands of dollars worth of prizes available,” stated Creek. “We have gift cards to Cabela’s, bug out bags, knives, and all kinds of different things.”

The competition does have another small twist you must complete to win the grand prize. You earn points during the competition based on if you complete challenges, how fast you complete them, and other ways.

“The points earn you clues to a riddle,” explained Creek. “The team that figures out the riddle first wins the grand prize. So the more points you earn the better your chances are at solving the riddle faster with your bonus clues.”

While you may be thinking this is a competition for the steadfast, you are wrong. Creek designed the courses to be user- and family-friendly so people of all ages can attend to learn skills that could someday save their lives as well as still compete.

“It’s not a tough mudder competition, but station based that anyone can wrap their heads around,” remarked Creek on the event. “The best part about it is you get to be around other people who are like minded that love being in the outdoors and are interested in survival in a very fun atmosphere.”


The cost of all three days of Escape the Woods is $375. This includes all four survival training pods, on-site tent camping, food for all three days, a t-shirt, and materials for some items you make to take home.

You must bring your own gear to use, but a list of recommended items will be provided prior to the event.

For more information or to find a list of future locations visit their website or follow Escape the Woods on Facebook and Twitter.

All photos via Escape the Woods.



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Do You Have What It Takes to Escape the Woods?