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DIY Wooden Fishing Lures Aren’t That Hard to Make

DIY wooden fishing lures are featured in this instructional video and they don’t take a whole lot of specialty tools.

Take a few minutes to learn DIY wooden fishing lures and start making your own that are every bit as good as store-bought ones.

Even if they are not quite as flashy, they will still catch bass and you will have the satisfaction knowing they were crafted by your own hands.

You don’t need a huge workshop to crank out your own lures. A hand-held dremel tool, some basic paints, materials, low-cost tackle and lure hardware, and you are on your way.

I still have my grandfather’s antique tackle box and it is filled with old lures he carved himself; not only did he catch some great fish on them, but they have become family heirlooms and works of art. I took some of the my favorites and framed them in a shadow box which now hangs in our family cabin.

To pickup your own fishing hooks and accessories to get started check out the selection at Cabela’s Tackle Craft.


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DIY Wooden Fishing Lures Aren’t That Hard to Make