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DIY Wobble-Head Rig for Bass


Joe from Fishing the Midwest shares his secret for rigging his own wobble-head jigs.

Jon Barzacchini’s “Fishing the Midwest” YouTube video tutorial explains his do it yourself rigging secrets for creating your own wobble head jigs.

While there jointed jigheads on the market for this technique, this particular rigging allows for a more freely moving rigging that is ideal for fishing heavy cover like brushpiles and rocks.

Using a modified Texas rig, this wobble head rigging consists of a rubber stopper, EWG hook, and a sliding football head weight from reins.

First, affix the rubber stopper, also commonly called a “bobber stop,” onto the line by threading the line through the metal loop and sliding the stopper onto the line. As you pull the metal loop, the tag end of the line will come out of the stopper, and you can move it up and down the line.

The football weight features a cup to nestle the weight up against the knot without fraying the line and weakening the knot. Thread the line through the opposite side of this cup and out through the side with the cup, sliding the weight down to the hook. Leave enough space to tie the hook onto the line, then slide the stopper just shy of flush against the bait.

Leaving a little room allows for the weight to move around and navigate through heavy cover.


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DIY Wobble-Head Rig for Bass