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This DIY Walmart Bug Out Bag Gets You Ready for Emergencies

Preppers, check your list. Sootch made a premium bug out bag with low cost Walmart Gear.

This bag has enough gear to get you through three days. Accompanied with an EDC pistol, knife and gear you will be basically sufficient with this line up.

The outdoor pack was an Outdoor Gear brand and was the base for this kit. At $18 you really can't complain about a bag that's only supposed to get you through three days, even though we know it will last longer.

The medical supplies are the second most important gear in the bag. Being able to render first aid to yourself and close members is vitally important.

Headlamps are critical because they keep your hands free to either work on medical issues, or to walk without having to hold a light in a  power grid failure.

The Gerber Prodigy is very important because you need a solid blade to cut through most items like ropes and clothing. The Gerber Suspension will give you a small quick multi tool to get through simple projects.

Sootch continues on the list and definitely makes me stop to think about the critical items I need for myself and little ones. Taking into consideration the size difference is important and you might need to get a second bag for the kids. Stay safe and be ready.


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This DIY Walmart Bug Out Bag Gets You Ready for Emergencies